Ahead of Connected Cars 2013 Automotive Industries spoke to Thierry Viadieu, New Mobility Program Director at Renault

thierry viadieu renaultAI: What are some of the breakthroughs in the recent past in in-car infotainment and safety?

Renault has a long history in connected cars. It has begun in 1986 with Carminat, then Carminat TomTom, Carminat TomTom Live and now Renault R-Link, new Renault connected in-dash multimedia tablet.

Renault R-Link comes with breakthroughs in terms of in-car infotainment, safety and price with Renault R-Link:

  • In-car infotainment: Renault R-Link gives access to Renault R-Link Store that proposes more than 50 applications from its launch. Renault R-Link store comes with applications dedicated to automotive environment. It is poised to expand rapidly with new services
  • Examples of applications available from launch : e-mail (acces your gmail, Hotmail or yahoo account), R-Link tweet, weather, information (Euronews, Franc TV Info, Metro), Renault Assistance, Yellow Pages, E-Guide (interactive manual shown on the screen), Balumpa (to find out what cultural event around where the driver is), Elle Astro (daily western horoscopes), applications dedicated to electric vehicles, R-Sound Effect and many more to come…
  • Safety: when developing Renault R-Link, safety was a first priority. Renault R-Link can be used thanks to a large (18cm) touch screen, voice recognition, steering wheel-mounted fingerprint remote control. Furthermore, TomTom Live services give you one of the best traffic information (HD traffic) that enables to see few kilometres ahead. For more safety, some applications can not be used when driving (E-Guide, games, R-Link tweet for example), and some other switch automatically in Text To Speech (TTS) mode (information applications, mail…). The TTS function automatically mask a part of the screen and read out text of RSS feeds or certain applications (mail for example). All applications are designed for the automotive use (large pictures and texts, intuitive design) and are connected with navigation system for easier use. The home page is very intuitive with large icons and very easy menu.
  • Price : Renault philosophy is to propose affordable innovations, then Renault R-Link is marketed as an option (depending on models and countries) from 590 € VAT included.

AI: What role will legislation play in furthering the purview of connected cars?

All Renault connected systems satisfy and will always satisfy legislation. We work closely with public authorities to integrate potential evolutions in legislation everywhere Renault will propose this systems.

Read the full article here

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